Past chats


Date Topic Paper
Mar 2015 Patient safety and error reporting A culture of safety? An international comparison of RT error reporting
April 2015 CPD, learning preferences and radiographers A survey of radiographers confidence and self-perceived accuracy in frontline image interpretation and their continuing educational preferences
May 2015 Team Working Optimising patient care in radiology through team working: a case study from the UK
June 2015 Patient experience Multiple
July 2015 Social media and CPD Social media: the next frontier for professional development in radiography
Aug 2015 Radiographer resilience A cross-sectional study of stressors and coping mechanisms used by radiation therapists and oncology nurses: resilience in cancer study
Sept 2015 Role extension in developing nations The influence of image interpretation training on the accuracy of abnormality detection and written comments on MSK radiographs by SA radiographers
Oct 2015 Radiographer decision making Breast comparison – An exploration of problem solving and decision-making in mammography
Nov 2015 Dose optimisation Multiple
Dec 2015 Christmas special The survival time of chocolates on hospital wards: an observational study
Jan 2016 Emotional intelligence A benchmarking and comparative analysis of emotional intelligence in student and qualified radiographers: an international study
Feb 2016 Academic output A review of individual and institutional publication productivity in MRS
Mar 2016 Transition to practice Exploring the transition from student to practitioner in diagnostic radiography
April 2016 Interprofessional collaboration Interprofessional working in radiography
May 2016 Compassionate care Compassionate care in radiography recruitment , education, training: a post Francis report review of current literature and patient perspectives
June 2016 Respiratory gating Assessment of lung tumour motion and volume size dependencies using various evaluation methods
July 2016 Scope of practice A national survey on the practice of radiation therapists in Australia
Aug 2016 Moving evidence forward Moving evidence forward: addressing the barriers to evidence-based practice in radiotherapy
Sept 2016 Time management No specific article
Oct 2016 Advanced practice Exploring the research domain of consultant practice: Perceptions and opinions of consultant radiographers
Nov 2016 Patient experience Patient experience in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
Dec 2016 Christmas special Zombie infections: epidemiology, treatment, and prevention
Jan 2017 International collaboration International collaboration in medical radiation science
Feb 2017 Twitter and CPD Twitter Journal Club in Medical Radiation Science
Mar 2017 Workplace bullying and harassment Bullying and harassment – Are junior doctors always the victims?
Apr 2017 Staffing standards Radiation staffing model 2014
May 2017 Public perception of dose associated with medical imaging A snapshot of patients’ awareness of radiation dose and risks associated with medical imaging examinations at an Australian radiology clinic
June 2017 MRS professionals and public health Adverse Health Outcomes Associated with Postdiagnosis Smoking in Prostate Cancer Patients: A Literature Review
July 2017 Early career researchers No specific article
Aug 2017 Doctorates and MRS professionals Doctoral profile of the medical radiation sciences: a baseline for Australia and New Zealand
Sept 2017 LGBT people and healthcare Improving the health care experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients
Oct 2017 Knowledge translation in 140 characters or less Knowledge Translation in 140 Characters or Less: #ProfessionalDevelopment #Collaboration #Patientengagement
Nov 2017 Pursuing graduate education Factors that Influence Radiographers’ Decisions to Pursue Postgraduate Education: An Exploratory Qualitative Study
Dec 2017 Christmas special Plenty of moustaches but not enough women: cross
sectional study of medical leaders
Jan 2018 Patients, healthcare professionals and social media The Radiation Therapist and the Patient: Epiphanies, Stories, and Social Media
Feb 2018 Supporting radiographer advanced practice Immediate reporting of chest X-rays referred from general practice by reporting radiographers: a single centre feasibility study
Mar 2018 Are recent graduates “fit for purpose”? Informing radiography curriculum development: The views of UK radiology service managers concerning the ‘fitness for purpose’ of recent diagnostic radiography graduates
April 2018 Radiography and mental health A cross‐sectional study of stressors and coping mechanisms used by radiation therapists and oncology nurses: Resilience in Cancer Care Study
May 2018 Image interpretation and advanced roles in education An investigation into the use of radiographer abnormality detection systems by Queensland public hospitals
June 2018 New frontiers in imaging and treatment No chat
July 2018 Quality improvement Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement in a Radiation Therapy Planning Department: A Pilot Initiative Using Quality Conversations
Aug 2018 Assistants and limited practice Assistant radiographer practitioners: Creating capacity or challenging professional boundaries
Sept 2018 Engaging with your profession Good Luck With That: Making Your Own Opportunities.
Oct 2018 Global issues in advanced practice Advanced practice radiation therapists: an Australian context.
Nov 2018 Working with children Managing discomfort and developing participation in non-emergency MRI: Children’s coping strategies during their first procedure
De 2018 Christmas special Everything is awesome: Don’t forget the Lego.
Jan 2019 Dealing with mask anxiety Exploring the prevalence and experience of mask anxiety for the person with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy.
Feb 2019 To shield or not to shield? Gonad shielding in paediatric pelvic radiography: Effectiveness and practice.
Mar 2019 Patient, Public, Practitioner Partnerships No specific article
April 2019 Patient education A Two-Pronged Trial to Eliminate No Shows in Diagnostic Imaging at a Community-Based Hospital.
May 2019 Research tips #wishidknown No specific article
June 2019 Smoking Cessation Therapeutic Radiographers’ perceptions of the barriers and enablers to effective smoking cessation support.
July 2019 Males in radiography Males in mammography – A narrative review of the literature.
Aug 2019 Sexual health Sexual Health Issues in Patients with Cancer—An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study of the Awareness Levels of Radiation Therapists.
Sept 2019 Being newly qualified Being a newly qualified diagnostic radiographer: Learning to fly in the face of reality.
Oct 2019 Compassionate care Promoting compassionate care in radiography – What might be suitable pedagogy?
Nov 2019 Positive psychology and workplace culture Employing positive psychology to improve radiation therapy workplace culture.
Dec 2019 Christmas special Is it time to start using the emoji in biomedical literature?
Jan 2020 AI Artificial Intelligence and the Medical Radiation Profession: How Our Advocacy Must Inform Future Practice.
Feb 2020 Learning from errors Reject rate analysis in digital radiography: an Australian emergency imaging department case study
Mar 2020 5 year chat Twitter journal clubs and continuing professional development: An analysis of a #MedRadJClub tweet chat.
April 2020 Hybrid roles Keeping Up with the Hybrid Magnetic Resonance Linear Accelerators: How Do Radiation Therapists Stay Current in the Era of Hybrid Technologies
May 2020 Student attrition Understanding student radiographer attrition: Risk factors and strategies