May 2020: Research alert

The authors of this month’s paper, Sue McAnulla and Karen Knapp, would like to capture and analyse the tweets from May’s chat on student attrition.

“I think it’s a really exciting opportunity to explore this issue at a national / international level and that we have a duty to explore the perspectives of the contributors and share those as this is such an under-published area.” –Karen Knapp

As always, we completely respect the privacy of our #MedRadJClub participants – please be assured that no identifiable informaiton will be collected or published in any subsequent research outputs. Thank you for your valuable contributions!

March 2020: Research alert

Tweets and the blog from the March 2020 chat will be used by the MedRadJClub team as a data source to support a piece of research evaluating the impact of the journal club over the last 5 years. Tweets are in the public domain so can be extracted and analysed without ethics board approval, however, we respect the privacy of our MedRadJClub participants and will ensure that any identifiable information is removed in subsequent research outputs. Thank you for your contributions!

January 2020: Meet up in Brighton, UK for ARC2020. 

We have an F2F catch up for  chat this month.

If you’re attending the Society of Radiographers’ Annual Radiotherapy Conference join us at the bar at the Hilton Metropole from 19:00 on Thursday January 23rd.

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 7.52.29 PM

Congratulations to our 2019 #MedRadJClub award winners!




May 13th 2019: Research #WishIdKnown chat!

We’re going to reach out to radiographer researchers, clinician scientists, academics and clinic academics and ask them – what do you wish you’d known when you started out? We’ll share the results in the chat!

May’s chat is for anyone who wants useful advice on starting research, or doing research better. Come and learn from the experts, ask your questions and share your valuable experience with the radiography community!


March 2019: Meet up in Adelaide for ASMIRT 2019.

We have an F2F catch up for  chat this month.

Join us at Cafe Bang Bang from 0630 on March 28th: 1 Leigh Street, Adelaide



December 2018: MedRadJClub Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our first annual awards!

Best chat:

The poll for best chat was hard fought and a close call but the final winners (with 44% of the votes) were Charles Sloane and Dr.Paul Miller.

Their paper was March’s chat on graduate radiographers: Sloane C, Miller P K. Informing radiography curriculum development: The views of UK radiology service managers concerning the “fitness of purpose” of recent diagnostic radiography graduates. Radiography. Vol 23, Supp 1; S16-S22 

Best blog:

The blog of the year was won by Sue Robins. Sue’s January blog was “All My Pocket Friends: Social Media Relationships” was 2018’s most read!

Best gif:

This hotly contested award was taken by Tom Welton! His strong gif game in all chats and blatant mug canvassing won him bragging rights for life.

Congratulations all!

October 2018: Meet up at LTWRAP in Toronto

Where? The bar at the Chelsea Hotel (“T bar”)

When? From 6pm, Friday October 19th


March 2018: Research alert

March 2018’s chat will be used as a scoping exercise as part of a professional doctorate being undertaken by Janice St John-Matthews. Analysed themes from the chat will be used to inform trigger questions within a croudsource platform which will form part of a diagnostic radiography curriculum design process. No direct quotes will be used. Findings may also be published in a peer-reviewed journal. The work has been deemed low risk by a local ethics committee and therefore does not require formal review.

November 2017: Grad student takeover

November’s chat paper, blog and moderation will be courtesy of University of Toronto MHScMRS program students Tasha McMaster, Winter Spence and Joanna Javor.  The three students are doing this as part of their activities for their course “Clinical Competence and Continuous Learning”. They will, of course, be ably supported by the MRJC team!

September 2017: And yet another research chat!


Sophia Thom and Amanda Bolderston are planning to use the tweets from the September 21st 2017 #MedRadJclub as part of a research project. The subject is how much MRS professionals know about LGBTQ health and what we can do to improve in our own practice.

While tweets are in the public domain  chat participants are assured that their Twitter identities will not be used in any quotes/tweets.


June 2017: MedRad meet up at UKRC


Are you a participant going to UKRC/UKRO? Want to meet up on Sunday night (June 11th) for a 🍷🍸🍹🍺?

Where? The bar at the Midland Hotel

When? 7pm


Another research chat!

Jill Bleiker is planning to again use the tweets from #MedRadJclub as part of her PhD research projects.

While tweets are in the public domain – Jill would like to make sure chat participants know that she will assure the anonymity of any quotes/tweets that she uses.

May’s chat tweets as research data

This May’s chat is going to contribute to a research project. Jill Bleiker, the first author of this month’s paper on compassionate care, is undertaking a PhD, and the article was a result of her preliminary literature review.  She would like to collect the views of the contributors to the chat to inform her PhD research.

While tweets are in the public domain – Jill would like to make sure chat participants know that she will assure the anonymity of any quotes/tweets that she uses.


We’re changing things up!

One of the hot topics here at #MedRadJClub HQ is the timing of the one hour monthly chat. A perfect time in the UK is never a good time in Australia/NZ…. and then there’s North America to consider, let alone the rest of the time zones!  At this year’s AZMMIRT there were a few comments about the timing not being great for our friends down under, we agree that 6am isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee).

So – this May we’re trying something a bit different. We have shamelessly stolen an idea from our friend Matt Katz and his #RadOnc journal club and we’re trialing a longer chat window.

Start times: Vancouver 9pm (18th)/Toronto Midnight/UK 5am (19th)/Brisbane 2pm (19th)/Wellington 4pm (19th).

We’ll be posting the themes periodically over the 15 hours and there will still be a one hour live chat for all you diehard fans:

Live Chat: Vancouver 1pm (19th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Brisbane 6am (20th)/Wellington 8am (20th).

Afterwards we’ll see if we managed to increase engagement and (more importantly) if you all thought it was worthwhile.

“Leading the Way” Conference 

#MedRadJClubbers are an innovative, research-focused and forward thinking lot! That’s why we were excited to hear about the first international advanced practice (AP) conference at Sheffield Hallam University next year. Veteran ‘clubbers are part of the organising committee and are working to bring the AP med rad community together to learn, improve practice, spark connections and generate research ideas around pushing the profession forward.

There are some amazing speakers lined up – it’s a veritable who’s who of the MRS community with added bonus distinguished AHP colleagues such as  Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) for England, Suzanne Rastrick.

Dates are Friday 9th – Sunday 11th September 2016 and you can see all the cool details here.



It is an exciting time for the newest generation of radiographers who are making the transition from student to qualified practitioner. To assist with this change, radiographers from across the globe have provided their #TipsforNewRads, which have been collated below. Welcome to the profession! #TipsForNewRads

  • Patient = person
  • Always introduce yourself to patients #hellomynameis
  • You know what you’re doing
  • Be your authentic self
  • Remember what it’s like to be a student when you come to mentor
  • Ask questions; the best way of learning is by asking
  • No one expects you to know everything!
  • Get to know the wise seniors around you
  • Trust your instincts
  • Hard & Soft skills are of equal importance
  • Always uphold confidentiality
  • We all learn at different speeds & have different experiences – don’t compare yourself
  • Don’t see red when they ask if you’re a nurse, keep calm, communicate & carry on
  • Remember that not everyone understands a radiographers role, don’t get wound up educate them without patronising
  • You will never know everything about radiography. Learn something new every day of your career. Keep the fascination!
  • Get stuck in!
  • Don’t forget to “pause & check”
  • Collimation is your friend
  • Join your professional association and get engaged! Volunteer! Join & participate in #MedRadJClub! Excellent networking & CPD
  • Join a multidisciplinary organisation too!
  • Embrace the profession & the difference you can make
  • Embrace #SoMe

Tips Wordcloud

A useful introduction to Social Media (#SoMe) can be found here

Contributors: Julie de-Witt @juliede_witt Nitch @nitchxo Jay Elliot @jay_elliott Janice St.John @jstjohnmatthews Julie @BitesizedMRI Sarah Smizz @smizz Jessica Eve @Jessica1Eve Sue Morgan @SueMorgan71 Baruch Videan @bozzvid British Institute of Radiology @BIR_News Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences @JMIRS1 Karen Hawkins @morag1302 Amanda Bolderston @AmandaBoldersto Nick Woznitza @xray_nick Rob Milner @RobMilner3

Blogs we like!

Leslie Robinson muses on the domains of #SoMed –  public, private – or can they be separated?

Check out Janice St.John Matthews. Her May topic is “Ode to the Radiographer Blogger” and she name checks some great MRS blogs (including this one of course!)

Twitter session at UKRC

As a way to raise awareness of the professional benefits that social media has, #MedRadJclub hosted a session at the UK Radiology Congress on Monday 2015. A range of topics were covered, beginning with an introduction to Twitter for beginners, how social media can contribute to radiographers CPD, using social media as an enabler to integrated working and as a method to foster international collaboration and engage with patients.

In keeping with the theme, technology was embraced with several international speakers using live or recorded presentations from across the globe.

The topics and presenters are included below as well as links to several of the presentations:

Anatomy & Physiology of a Twitter Chat

Fantastic analysis of a Twitter chat and #MedRadJclub by David Eddy @sonofedd here.

Take home points for future chats? Focused questions and answers, integrate the suggestions of participants.

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