August 26th: Blogging as an educational tool

Chun et al found that “MRI-related blogs provide a credible and accessible forum for the sharing and discussion of knowledge, experiences, and ideas”. What are the advantages of blogging – both writing them and reading them? Come and learn about using blogging for continuing professional development and how to get started if you’re interested in trying it as a way of sharing your opinions, ideas and research.

Chun H, Skinner S M, Rosewall T. The Educational Utility of Blogging for MRI Technologists. JMIRS. 50 (1); 129 – 135. 2019.

Times: Vancouver 1pm (26th) , Edmonton 2pm (26th), Toronto 4pm (26th), London 9pm (26th), Sydney & Brisbane 6am (27th), Auckland 8am (27th)

MRS Blogs to follow:

MedRadJClub (of course!)

Janice St-John Matthews

Maryann Hardy

Holly Chun

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