July 23rd: COVID self-care check in

We’re all tired! Join us on July 23rd for some TLC as we talk about the C word and what we can do to take care of ourselves, and each other.

Green Cactus Dots Lawn Care Business Card

To be human in a pandemic. Sarah Noll Wilson

N Greenberg, M Docherty, S Gnanapragasam & S Wessely. Managing mental health challenges faced by healthcare workers during covid-19 pandemic. BMJ (2020):368

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to put healthcare professionals across the world in an unprecedented situation, having to make impossible decisions and work under extreme pressures. These decisions may include how to allocate scant resources to equally needy patients, how to balance their own physical and mental healthcare needs with those of patients, how to align their desire and duty to patients with those to family and friends, and how to provide care for all severely unwell patients with constrained or inadequate resources. This may cause some to experience moral injury or mental health problems.


1. How have you been managing emotionally and mentally throughout the pandemic? (GIFs welcome)

2. What have you found helpful in dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the last few months? What practical advice do you have for adapting to our changed working environments? (e.g. tips for PPE, working from home, Zoom etc)

3. The paper discuss the concept of moral injury “the psychological distress that results from actions, or lack of, which violate someone’s moral or ethical code.” Does this resonate with you? If so, how?

4. Let’s end on a lighter note – what are some of the unexpected positives of COVID-19?


Related reading & resources:

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Rethink Mental Illness Managing your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak

Times: Vancouver 1pm (23rd) , Edmonton 2pm (23rd), Toronto 4pm (23rd), London 9pm (23rd), Sydney & Brisbane 6am (24th), Auckland 8am (24th)

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