June 23rd: The impact of image interpretation

Rowe S, O’Riodan P,  Woznitza N. Greater than the sum of the parts: Impact of radiographer clinical image interpretation. (2019) JMRS. 66 (3), 149-151

Abstract: Radiographer preliminary image evaluation, within strong governance and audit systems, can help reduce diagnostic errors in the emergency setting. Radiographers, clinicians and radiologists should work together as a team to improve patient care and outcomes.


T1. Does your department support Preliminary Image Evaluation (PIE) by radiographers?

T2: Are you aware of your obligations as described by regulatory bodies in relation to what is expected of you when you find an abnormality in an image/scan?

T3: Do you always flag and communicate findings to appropriate health professionals? If not, why not?

T4: How can your department do better?

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Additional reading:

Murphy, A Ekpo E, Steffens T, Neep M J.Radiographic image interpretation by Australian radiographers: a systematic review. (2019) JMRS. 66 (4): 269

June’s blog is by Andrew Murphy and is called “Adding value through preliminary image evaluation: If you see something, say something“.

Times: Vancouver 1pm (23rd) , Edmonton 2pm (23rd), Toronto 4pm (23rd), London 9pm (23rd), Sydney & Brisbane 6am (24th), Auckland 8am (24th)

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