February 19th: Learning from errors

This month we are looking at quality assurance, more specifically what we can learn from our mistakes. Our authors, Atkinson et al, state that “reject analysis in digital radiography (DR) helps guide the education and training of staff, influences department workflow, reduces patient dose and improves department efficiency.” Similarly, radiotherapy error reporting using incident learning systems (ILSs) allows reporting, analysis, and learning from errors.

Atkinson S, Neep M, Starkey, D. Reject rate analysis in digital radiography: an Australian emergency imaging department case study JMRS. 2019. Early view.


1.Should all images be sent for review (even if repeated) as they contributed to dose and may show an unexpected finding?

2.How do you perform image quality QA?

3.Why have repeat XR rates not fallen as anticipated with new technology?

4.How do you think we can reduce the rate of repeated images?


More reading:

Gillan et al. The Quest for Quality: Principles to Guide Medical Radiation Technology Practice. JMIRS. 2015. 46(4), 427–434

While you’re here, why not pop over and read this blog by Chris Woodgate!

Times: Vancouver 12pm (19th) /Edmonton 1pm (19th) /Toronto 3pm (19th) /UK 8pm (19th)/Brisbane 6am (20th) Sydney & Melbourne 7am (20th) /Auckland 9am (20th)

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