January 16th: Artificial intelligence and the medical radiation sciences

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Photo by Lenin Estrada on Pexels.com


This year we celebrate MRJC’s 5th birthday! March marks 5 years and 60 chats. All this year we’ll be marking the occasion so stay tuned!

January’s chat is all about AI! Our paper is:

Murphy A, Liszewski B (2019). Artificial Intelligence and the Medical Radiation Profession: How Our Advocacy Must Inform Future Practice. JMIRS. 50(4), S15 – 19.

Want more? The latest edition of JMIRS has a LOT more AI related papers here.

Our blog this month is by Caitlin Gillan and is entitled “AI? Eh? Oy!”


1. What areas of imaging and oncology practice are likely to integrate artificial intelligence (AI)?

2. How might AI change the role of the radiographer? What knowledge and skills do we need to prepare for the integration of AI into clinical practice?

3. The paper concluded with the importance of engagement from radiation professionals – how are we influencing the development and implementation of AI technologies?

Missed the chat? Catch up with Wakelet here. 

Vancouver 12pm (16th) /Edmonton 1pm (16th) /Toronto 3pm (16th) /UK 8pm (16th)/Brisbane 6am (17th) Sydney & Melbourne 7am (17th) /Auckland 9am (17th)


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