December 11th: Emoji use in academic literature


Our Christmas chat is the BMJ article:

O’Reilly-Shah Vikas N, Lynde Grant C, Jabaley Craig S. Is it time to start using the emoji in biomedical literature? BMJ 2018; 363 :k5033

The authors comment that “integrating emoji into the scientific literature would be advantageous in several obvious areas, such as modulating the emotional tone of communications.” What do you think? Should JMIRS, Radiography and JMRS embrace the use of emojis? Is the plural really emoji? Should a “visual abstract” be a series of emojis? Do we need to standardize them for medical radiation sciences communication?

Join us on December 11th for some virtual eggnog and a mince pie and let’s talk 🙂


1. Would you consider the use of emojis appropriate in scientific literature/our radiography practice? 🤔

2. As the authors ask: Do you think the use of emojis would affect perceptions of professionalism? 🤔

3. In @BigRadTom’s blog he claims GIFs > emojis for radiography practice. What do you think? 🤔

4. Give us your best emoji sentence!!! 😝

As an extra Christmas gift to you we present December’s blog by GIF legend Tom Welton.

MedRadJClub Awards 2019

Coming soon! Categories include:

1. Most impactful blog (most read)

2. Favourite chat (you vote!)

3. Best gif (we decide!)

Info about last year’s winners is here.

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