November 28th: Positive psychology and workplace culture

In Australia, as in other countries, radiation therapists (RTs) can experience job dissatisfaction, stress and burnout which can lead to workforce attrition. This month’s JMRS paper looks at contributing factors to elevated stress, dissatisfaction, turnover and burnout amongst Australian RTs and suggests employment of positive psychology theories to facilitate change.

Hunter D, Wright C, Pearson S. Employing positive psychology to improve radiation therapy workplace culture. JMRS. 2019, 66(2); 139-144



1. What contributes to elevated stress, dissatisfaction, staff turnover and burnout in your area of work?

2. Minimizing workplace stress is key to reducing burnout and attrition. What strategies have you seen or used to deal with workplace stress? How effective have these been?

3. According to our paper, to facilitate a workplace culture aligned with positive occupational psychology, leaders should:

  • improve engagement and collaboration
  • appeal to emotional needs
  • reduce job stressors

How can leaders practically deliver these aims?

4. What one *realistic* thing would you change in order to improve workplace culture?

Check out this month’s blog by first author Darren Hunter here

Additional reading:

Halkett GKBBerg MNBreen LJ, et al. Sustainability of the Australian radiation oncology workforce: A survey of radiation therapists and radiation oncology medical physicistsEur J Cancer Care 201827e12804

Probst HGriffiths SRetaining therapy radiographers: What’s so special about us? J Radiother Pract 2007621– 32

Gallant F, Bristow B et al. Results of a National Study Examining the Prevalence and Potential for Developing Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Radiation Therapists. JMIRS; 44(1): 48 – 49

Times: Vancouver 12pm (28th) /Edmonton 1pm (28th) /Toronto 3pm (28th) /UK 8pm (28th)/Brisbane 6am (29th) Sydney & Melbourne 7am (29th) /Auckland 9am (29th)


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