October 23rd: Compassionate care

Compassionate care is a core value of healthcare practice. How can we teach our undergraduate students to ‘practice compassionately’? This month’s paper by Julie Hendry explores potential methods and their suitability:

Hendry J. Promoting compassionate care in radiography – What might be suitable pedagogy? A discussion paper. 2019. Radiography: 25(3); 269-273.

While you’re here – pop over and read this month’s blog by Dr. Ruth Strudwick!


1. What does compassionate care mean to you?

2. Does your university/workplace have any education in place surrounding compassionate care? If yes, what is it?

3. What barriers are there in radiography to prevent practicing compassionate care? How can these be overcome?

4. What do you think of the author’s recommendation that “facilitated discussion of student reflections around practice experiences would be a useful pedagogic* model to promote compassion”?


To recap on the discussion you can find the twitter feed here. When the twitter feed appears, click “latest” and scroll to the very bottom of the list to read the tweets in order.


Additional reading:

Sinclair S (2016) Compassion in healthcare: an empirical model. Journal of pain & symptom management 51(2), 193-203

Morley, Ives, Bradbury-Jones (2019) Moral Distress and Austerity: An Avoidable Ethical Challenge in Healthcare. in Health care Analysis 27(3), 185-201

Smajdor, A. (2013). Reification and compassion in medicine: A tale of two systemsClinical Ethics8(4), 111–118. https://doi.org/10.1177/1477750913502620

Times: Vancouver 1pm (23rd) /Edmonton 2pm (23rd) /Toronto 4pm (23rd) /UK 9pm (23rd)/Brisbane 6am (24th) Sydney & Melbourne 7am (24th) /Auckland 9am (24th)

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