September 25th: Being newly qualified!

September is our first student/new grad take over! We welcome Sarah Bradder (newly qualified therapeutic radiographer working at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, UK)  and Steven Cox (newly qualified diagnostic radiographer, North Devon District Hospital, UK) to moderate the chat about this month’s paper:

Harvey-Lloyd J M, Morris J, Stew G. Being a newly qualified diagnostic radiographer: Learning to fly in the face of reality. Radiography. In press


1. Six themes were identified in the study across the 12 month transition journey. Do these sound familiar to you? Which stage is the most challenging and why? Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 09.01.26

2. Different analogies were described by the participants to illustrate the intense emotions they felt e.g. a bird standing at the edge of a cliff / a rabbit in headlights / sink or swim… What image, gif or meme could sum up the experience of being newly qualified for you?

3. It is argued that the practice educator* role could over-protect students from the reality of the job. What do you think?

4. What could help prepare students for the transition and minimise the “reality shock” when they graduate?

*Someone who supports students in the workplace, facilitating and assessing clinical education.


This month, we have two blogs for the price of one! Hop over to our blog page to read Sarah and Steven’s take on being newly qualified.

Times: Vancouver 1pm (25th) /Edmonton 2pm (25th) /Toronto 4pm (25th) /UK 9pm (25th)/Sydney 6am (26th) /Auckland 8am (26th)

Missed the chat? Catch up with the Wakelet here

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