August 21st: Sexual health

August’s #SexyMedRadJClub looks at the role (and awareness of) radiation therapists  when addressing their patients’ sexual health needs.

Turner A. Sexual Health Issues in Patients with Cancer—An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study of the Awareness Levels of Radiation Therapists. JMIRS. 2019, 50(1); 106-112


  1. Nearly 2/3 of people have sexual health issues post-cancer treatment. How would you define sexual health and why is it important in cancer survivorship?
  2. 75% of the survey respondents had talked about sexual health with their patients. Is this a “normal and expected” part of our role?
  3. Turner commented that “other sexual orientations” may not have been fully included in her study, do you think this is also true in practice?
  4. The study respondents seemed to develop skills mainly through their clinical interactions with patients (and not through specific education). Does this ring true and what might improve things?

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Additional reading:

Times: Vancouver 1pm (21st) /Edmonton 2pm (21st) /Toronto 4pm (21st) /UK 9pm (21st)/Sydney 6am (22nd) /Auckland 8am (22nd)


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