July 25th: Males in mammography

July’s paper is a look at a sometimes controversial topic, male mammographers. What do you think about it? Join us on the 25th!

Ashton J, Warren-Forward H M. Males in mammography – A narrative review of the literature. Radiography. In press.

While you’re here – pop over and read the highly informative accompanying blog by Bev Scragg.


1. How does the information presented in the article relate to the experience of #MedRadJClub ‘ers?

2. Introducing male mammographers could result in delays to care pathways and a drop in screening attendance, how acceptable is this outcome?

3. The paper discusses male radiographers as a potential solution to current & future workforce shortage – what do we need to consider when making this change?

Missed the chat? Catch up with the Wakelet summary!

Additional reading:

Warren-Forward H M. Barriers and incentives for choosing to specialise in mammography– A survey of Australian undergraduate diagnostic radiography students. Radiography. 2018; 24(4), 360-365

Society and College of Radiographers. Radiographers call for breast screening to be carried out by men as well as women. September 2017 (press release)

Fitzpatrick P, Winston A and Mooney T. Radiographer gender and breast-screening uptake. British Journal of Cancer. 2008. 98(11); 1759–1761

Times: Vancouver 1pm (25th) /Edmonton 2pm (25th) /Toronto 4pm (25th) /UK 9pm (25th) Adelaide 5.30am (26th) /Sydney 6am (26th) /Auckland 8am (26th)


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