June 25th: Smoking cessation

Tobacco use is the single biggest contributor to cancer worldwide. What is the role of radiographers in encouraging quitting? Come and chat with Laura Charlesworth and Dan Hutton, authors of this month’s article, about talking to patients about their smoking.

Charlesworth L, Hutton D. Hussain H. Therapeutic Radiographers’ perceptions of the barriers and enablers to effective smoking cessation support. Radiography, 2019. 25(2); 121-128


1. Advice from healthcare professionals to stop smoking increases the rate of smoking cessation by 30% but we are not always comfortable having health improvement conversations with patients – what holds us back and why?

2. Are smoking cessation conversations becoming part of our everyday practice? What is a good way to start a smoking cessation conversation?

3. e-cigarettes have gained popularity as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and can help people quit – should we be recommending vaping as a smoking cessation tool?

4. What areas of public health and prevention are radiographers contributing to? What best practice examples have you seen?

Read Linda Hindle’s June blog “Allied Health Professionals have a major role to play in prevention”.

Times: Vancouver 1pm (25th) /Edmonton 2pm (25th) /Toronto 4pm (25th) /UK 9pm (25th) /Sydney 6am (26th) /Auckland 8am (26th)

Missed the chat? Catch up here!

Additional reading:

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