April 23rd: Patient education


This month’s paper by Mikhaeil et al describes a quality improvement project to reduce “no shows” in a diagnostic imaging department using letters to patients, and an information package given to patient’s requiring an MRI by the referring physician. 

Mikhaeil, John S. et al. Attend: A Two-Pronged Trial to Eliminate No Shows in Diagnostic Imaging at a Community-Based Hospital. JMIRS. 2019 , 50(1) , 36 – 42

The chat is aligned with Wavelengths,  the technologist-led research and practice conference being held April 26th and 27th at the Michener Institute in Toronto. 


  1. Patient education about imaging or treatment is fundamental to care. How does it manifest in your practice?
  2. The authors used a Quality Improvement approach using a number of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles to reduce the number of “no shows”. Have you used this approach and what was your experience?
  3. What did you think of the interventions used by Mikhaeil et al in their study (letter to the patient and a pamphlet for GPs to give to patients)? Were patients involved?
  4. What barriers exist for patients that can make it difficult for them to keep appointments?

Additional reading:

Mander G et al. Factors associated with appointment non‐attendance at a medical imaging department in regional Australia: a retrospective cohort analysis. JMRS. 2018, 65(3); 192-199

Lacy, N. L., Paulman, A., Reuter, M. D., & Lovejoy, B. (2004). Why we don’t come: patient perceptions on no-shows. Annals of family medicine, 2(6), 541–545. 

Vancouver 1pm (23rd) /Edmonton 2pm (23rd) /Toronto 4pm (23rd) /UK 9pm (23rd) /Sydney 6am (24th) /Auckland 8am (24th)

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