March 27th: Patient Public and Practitioner Partnerships


Our chat in March aligns with the ISRRT’s 22nd Asia-Australasia Conference of Radiological Technologists (AACRT 2019), held in conjunction with the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy’s 14th Annual Conference (March 28th – 31st)

The conference theme is Better together, patients professionals and possibilities.

If you’re attending why not join the MRJC meet up for our March session? Details here.

To quote Dr. Leslie Robinson’s March blog partnerships with patients are based on equity and trust and “barriers need to be dismantled and new spaces designed to enable patient and practitioners to engage in dialogue about what matters most”. Join us on the 27th to talk about the advantages (and possible challenges) of partnering with patients.


1. What are the benefits of a patient partnership/co-design model of care compared to a paternalistic model of care in radiography?
2. Do you have some examples of how you have used partnerships in your own workplaces?
3. Is the notion of “professional boundaries” outdated in partnership working?
4. What one thing might you be able to change in your own practice to support a move towards partnership working?


Additional reading:

Society and College of Radiographers – Patient Public and Practitioner Partnerships within Imaging and Radiotherapy: Guiding Principles, 2018

Ahmad N, et al. Person-centred care: from ideas to action. The Health Foundation, 2014.

Ennis-O’Connor M. A Patient Engagement Manifesto– 6 Principles of Partnership

Missed the chat? Catch up with Wakelet


Vancouver 1pm (27th) /Edmonton 2pm (27th) /Toronto 4pm (27th) /UK 8pm (27th) /Sydney 7am (28th) /Auckland 9am (28th)

March 27th: Patient, Public and Practitioner Partnerships

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