October 17th: Global issues in advanced practice


To align with the conversations at the “Leading the Way: International Radiographer Advanced Practice Conference” in Toronto, Ontario this month (20.10.18 – 21.10.18) we will be discussing advanced practice in a global context.

October’s paper is a scoping review that examines the literature regarding the development, implementation, scope and extent of Advanced Practice Radiation Therapist (APRT) roles in Australia. How are these roles different from roles in the UK, Canada, the US and beyond? What can we learn from the different paths taken, and roles developed, in different countries and jurisdictions? What’s next for APRT roles?

Hilder B, VanDam P, Doherty K. Advanced practice radiation therapists: an Australian context. JMRS. 2018: 65(2); 137 – 147

Attending LTWRAP and want to join us at a meet up? Details here

While we have your attention – pop over to read Amanda Bolderston’s blog “Advanced Practice radiation therapy roles: where is the evidence?”

Chat themes:

1. Are there advanced practice (AP) roles in your organisation? How have they evolved? Has the impact of these roles been examined?

2. The review by Hilder et al found that literature is sparse on the implementation and impact of AP roles, why do you think this is?

3. An initial scoping review would suggest that there is a difference in volume of evidence on AP roles between diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy, why do you think this is?

4. What are the best ways to move the whole profession forward in terms of evidencing the impact of advanced practice roles?

Further reading:

Harnett et al. The Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist (CSRT): A case study exploring the effectiveness of a new advanced practice role in Canada. JMRS. 2018. 65 (2); 86-96

Thom S E. Does advanced practice in radiography benefit the healthcare system? A literature review. Radiography. 2018: 24(1); 84 – 89

Missed the chat? Catch up here.

Times: Vancouver 1pm/Edmonton 2pm/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 7am (18th)/Auckland 9am (18th)




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