September 26th: Engaging with your profession

“Have you ever had a great idea, wanted to try something new, or had a desire to step outside the daily boundaries of your career? Have you ever discussed your great plan with someone else and been told “good luck with that”? September’s discussion paper by Kathryn Moran looks at ways to engage with your profession and how to take that first step onto the dance floor!

Moran K. Good Luck With That: Making Your Own Opportunities. JMIRS 2018. 49(2), 127–129

Don’t forget to check out the blog for this month’s chat by Patrick Eastgate

Chat themes:

1. Have you ever shared your great idea and been told “good luck with that”?! When it comes to role extension or research, what barriers have you come across? How have you overcome these?

2. In Patrick’s blog he talks about engaging with our Profession – what does this mean  in practice? What are the advantages of being professionally engaged?

3. The author challenges us to change our mindset about opportunities and refers to these three steps; find your niche; become a Guru and give in order to receive. We might all be at different stages of Guruhood – but what do you think can help us get there?

More reading/viewing:

TED talk – Daniel Pink “The puzzle of motivation” 2009

JMIRS article collection on clinical research (21 open access articles)

Cancelliere M, Hilario K. How We Found Purpose, Passion, and Happiness in Our Profession. JMIRS. 2018. 49(3); 228-231

Times: Vancouver 1pm/Edmonton 2pm/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (27th)/Auckland 8am (27th)

Missed the chat? Never fear! The tweet archive is available here.



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