August 21st: Assistants and limited practice

In the UK Assistant Radiographer Practitioners (ARPs) are part of the skill mix strategy and have been working in radiography for 20 years. What is the impact of ARP or limited practice roles, and what can we learn from experiences in the UK and beyond?

Palmer D, Snaith B, Harris M A. Assistant radiographer practitioners: Creating capacity or challenging professional boundaries? Radiography. 2018. 24 (3), 247–251

Chat themes:

1. In the UK, ARPs are part of the skills mix strategy and embedded in the team. Is this the case for other countries? What’s the experience in other disciplines (e.g. radiotherapy?)

2. Does the role of the ARP in the UK contribute to role expansion for registered radiographers as was originally expected?

3. Scope creep in response to service pressures is also an issue highlighted in the paper, has anyone experienced this and what impact can this have (e.g. with supervision?)

4. Most ARPs work in plain film and breast imaging – is this optimal use of the role and how might this change in radiography and beyond?

Couldn’t make the chat? Catch up with Wakelet here

More readings:

Please also read this month’s blog Assistants and limited practice: A personal perspective by Martine Harris (one of the authors of the discussion paper).


Mugtastic news! 

Tune in August 21st to win one of our fabulous MedRadJClub mugs. Three lucky participants in the chat will win one of the limited edition mugs and bragging rights for life!

Times: Vancouver 1pm (21st)/Edmonton 2pm/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (22nd)/Auckland 8am (22nd)

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