July 24th: Quality improvement

July’s article is Gallant, Budrevics and D’Alimonte‘s  Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement in a Radiation Therapy Planning Department: A Pilot Initiative Using Quality Conversations (JMIRS, in press)

We’ll be discussing the importance of talking about and embedding quality improvement into everyday practice.

While you’re here – check out this month’s blog by Brian Liszewski here.

More readings:

Gillan et al. The Quest for Quality: Principles to Guide Medical Radiation Technology Practice. JMIRS. 2015. 46(4); 427–434

Weller, J., Boyd, M., and Cumin, J. Teams, tribes and patient safety: overcoming barriers to effective teamwork in healthcarePostgrad Med J2014 Mar90149–154

Chat themes:

  1. Are you involved in any quality improvement initiatives in your department? What kinds of tools do you use (e.g. PDSA*)?
  2. What are the keys to successful implementation of a quality improvement idea within a department?
  3. What did you think of the idea of huddles and quality conversation discussed in the paper? Do you use both/either?
  4. Brian’s blog touches on interprofessional quality conversations – would this work for you/your department?


Times: Vancouver 1pm (24th)/Edmonton 2pm/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (25th)/Auckland 8am (25th)

Missed the chat? Transcript is here

*Image: https://theswandoctor.com

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