June 26th: Disease… New frontiers in imaging and treatment

The UKRCO 2018 conference is themed “Disease and Diversity“. Our inspiration comes from the upcoming Martine Jackson lecture on Proton Therapy.

Our approach to this month’s chat will revolve around a few key healthcare themes that resonate around the globe.

 The disease profile of our patients is becoming more complex – this is a challenge.

The way we image and treat disease is becoming more advanced (and complex) – this is also a challenge (and a fantastic opportunity for our professions to blossom).

 When we adopt new technologies, what considerations do we need to make at a local site level? At a professional level?

Share your experiences on any adoption of new technologies (Proton therapy, MR Linac, theranostics, AI/ML)

Three webinars hosted by the British Institute of Radiology on proton therapy are now open access online. You just need to register for a free account.

Proton webinar 1

Proton webinar 2

Proton webinar 3

Also check out the curated May #radonc Journal Club archive on protons here.

  1. Which new advanced imaging or treatment technology have you had recent experience with?
  2. What challenges were presented? How are these overcome?
  3. This month’s blogger mentions a number of support networks/resources that were used during the implementation of the new service. How important are reference groups, site visits etc?
  4. In the chaos of implementing a new service, how do we ensure the patient is kept at the centre of the discussions?

Times: Vancouver 1pm (26th)/Edmonton 2pm/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (27th)/Auckland 8am (27th)

Our blog for June is live. This month’s blogger is James Donnelly, a Proton Gantry Superintendent in the Radiotherapy team of the Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester!



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