May 23rd: Image interpretation/advanced roles & education

What undergraduate and continuing education is needed for us to assume increasing responsibilities? What kind of frameworks and accountabilities should be in place to support advancing roles?

Join us on May 23rd to talk about this hot topic!

Baird, M. Improving the delivery of health care to patients: radiographers and frontline image interpretation. JMRS. 65(1), 2018.

More reading:

Murphy A, Neep M. An investigation into the use of radiographer abnormality detection systems by Queensland public hospitals. JMRS, 2018


  1. The (Australian) paper discusses the need for a more formal way of encouraging all radiographers to provide a preliminary clinical evaluation (PCE). What is happening where you work in terms of image interpretation/evaluation?
  2. We know there are benefits to patient care with these kinds of activities – what kind of education should we put in place to encourage (all) enhanced roles and responsibilities?
  3. PCE and image matching are within scope of most DI/RTs. What steps can we take to help practitioners work to top of scope?
  4. What is the single biggest enabler in your workplace to working to top of scope?

Times: Vancouver 1pm (23rd)/Edmonton 2pm/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (24th)/Wellington 8am


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