April 25th: Radiography and mental health

Occupational stress, burnout and mental health issues are well‐recognized problems in healthcare professional occupations.  This month we look at the experiences of medical radiation professionals.

Poulsen M G, Poulsen A, Baumann K C, McQuitty S, Sharpley C F. A cross‐sectional study of stressors and coping mechanisms used by radiation therapists and oncology nurses: Resilience in Cancer Care Study. JMRS. 2014. 61(4); 225-232


1. This month’s paper cites these as common stressors in healthcare. Are there any unique to radiography/therapy?

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 17.20.47

2. Ways of coping cited were ignoring the issue, debriefing with colleagues/family, fixing the problem and complaining to management – do you use any of these and what might be missing?

3. Tom’s blog talks about putting on a “game face” at work – does this help or hinder us?

4. What can we do as healthcare professionals to improve our own mental health?

Further reading:

Ballinger J M, Cornello R J, Vealé, B. Stressors That Negatively Affect the Health of Radiology Professionals. JMIRS. 2008. 39(1), 11-15

Glaysher E, Vallis J, Reeves P. Post traumatic stress disorder and the forensic radiographer. Radiography. 2016. 22(3), e212–e215

Sarra A, Fuez C. Examining the Prevalence of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Radiation Therapists Caring for Palliative Cancer Patients. JMIRS. 2018. 49(1); 49-55

April’s blog Jekyll and Hyde in the NHS is by Twitter takeover hero @BigRadTom!

Times: Vancouver 12pm (25th)/Calgary 1pm/Toronto 3pm/UK 8pm/Sydney 5am (26th)/Wellington 7am

Missed the chat? The Symplur transcript is here


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