March 21st: Are recent diagnostic radiography grads “fit for purpose”?

Imaging services have considerably changed in the last few years, along with the role of the radiographer. Has our education and subsequent career structure caught up? This month’s journal article examines the views of radiology managers from a range of medical imaging providers across the UK.

Sloane C, Miller P K. Informing radiography curriculum development:The views of UK radiology service managers concerning the “fitness of purpose” of recent diagnostic radiography graduates. Radiography. Vol 23, Supp 1; S16-S22

Our March blog “The same…..but different” by Penny Owens is available here.

T1: Is the current pre-registration diagnostic imaging curriculum content/ structure fit for purpose?

T2: Does the current generation of school leavers have the skills needed to succeed at higher education ?

T3: Do radiography career pathways need to be reconsidered?

T4: Looking wider, do we need to diversify the role of the radiographer?

Times: Vancouver 1pm (21st)/Calgary 2pm/Toronto 4pm/UK 8pm/Sydney 7am (22nd)/Wellington 9am

 Research Alert! This month’s chat is being used by Janice St John-Matthews as a scoping exercise as part of her Professional Doctorate. More details here.


Missed the chat? Symplur transcript is here.

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