February 26th: Supporting Radiographer Advanced Practice

February’s chat will be about supporting our advanced practice. How can we move past barriers? What education do we need? What’s the evidence that it improves our patients’ care and outcomes?

Our paper is by Nick Woznitza et al, a UK clinical academic and consultant radiographer:

Woznitza N, Piper K, Rowe S, Bhowmik A. Immediate reporting of chest X-rays referred from general practice by reporting radiographers: a single centre feasibility study. Clinical Radiology. In press.

Read Nick’s accompanying blog Are you an Advanced Practitioner?

T1: Patient experience and service improvement often drive AP. How is this best identified?

T2: The study examined feasibility of a novel AP intervention. How is this best determined?

T3: How do you ensure the 4 core AP domains (expert clinical practice, research, leadership, education) are embedded into practice?

T4: The (UK) elephant in the room – can you be an AP if your role only incorporates expert clinical practice?

Further reading:

Times: Vancouver 12pm (26th)/Toronto 3pm/UK 8pm/Sydney 7am (27th)/Wellington 9am


February 26th: Supporting Radiographer Advanced practice

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