October 17th: Knowledge Translation in 140 Characters or Less

“Social media offers a new-age platform that influences the practice of  (MRS professionals)”… you probably agree with this if you are a regular at MedRadJClub!

Bola,R and Liszewski, B.  Knowledge Translation in 140 Characters or Less: #ProfessionalDevelopment #Collaboration #Patientengagement

This month we talked about the impact of social media on patient engagement, using Twitter to amplify your research message, virtual professional communities of practice and more. October’s chat was moderated by Kim Meeking. This month’s accompanying blog is by the article authors Ruby and Brian.


1. What are the perceived benefits of using social media for healthcare professionals?

2. How do you use social media? And how has using Twitter benefited you as a healthcare professional?

3. Do your professional responsibilities prevent you from engaging with social media? With other professionals? With patients?

4. Patients are increasingly turning to sites like Twitter to share their experiences and to seek support. How can we capitalize on the potential benefits of Twitter and bridge the gap between practitioner and patient?

Further reading:


Missed out? Catch up here!

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