August 15th: Doctorates and MRS professionals

This month’s paper is Ekpo E, Snaith B, Harris M, McEntee. Doctoral profile of the medical radiation sciences: a baseline for Australia and New Zealand. JMRS (early access).

This month’s blog is written by one of the authors Mark McEntee.

Developing a profession’s research base requires research “users, participants and leaders”. Attaining a doctorate strongly correlates with published papers and research grants. The UK’s Society of Radiographers research strategy includes a goal of 1% of radiographers (about 300) holding, or working towards, a Doctoral level award by 2021. International numbers of MRS professionals with a doctorate are low, however. Is this important? Are you thinking about or already have a doctorate? Come and talk doctorates with us on August 15th.

Times: Vancouver 1pm (15th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (16th)/Wellington 8am


  1. Is there a link between being an evidence based profession and doctoral practitioners?
  2. Is there a distinction between types of doctorates (e.g. DProf, PhD, by publication) that is important for MRS researchers?
  3. In the Ekpo et al study the majority of respondents (63%) worked in an academic institution – let’s talk about the role of clinical academic medical radiation practitioners!
  4. Does goal setting help? (e.g. the UK’s SOR wants 1% of the MRS workforce (about 300) to hold, or be working towards, a Doctoral level award by 2021)

Further reading:  Snaith B, Harris M, Harris R. Radiographers as doctors: A profile of UK doctoral achievement. Radiography (2016). 22; 282-286

Metcalf KL, Adams RD, Qaqish B, Church JA. Survey of R.T.s with doctorates:
barriers to conducting research. Radiol Technol 2010;81:417e27.

Janice St John Matthews: The Impact of My Doctorate (Part One and two): WordPress blog

Missed the chat? Storify here! 

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