July 20th: Early career researchers

No MRS article this month! Instead we had a general chat about getting into research, how to find support, what mentorship can do for you, the pros, perils and pitfalls….!

To find out if you too are an early career researcher pop over to this month’s blog by Kim Meeking.

Check out:

The Thesis Whisperer: Useful doctoral (and general) research resources

Academic Primer Series: Five Key Papers Fostering Educational Scholarship in Junior Academic Faculty

JMIRS free collection of articles about research (lots of “how tos”!)

For UK people: Radiographers in research: how to get involved (Sept 5th evening event in London)

Society of Radiographers research page (includes information on the Council for Allied Health Professions Research)

The Researcher – NHS online magazine for health researchers

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins & Ovid: Demystifying Research – Simplifying Critical Appraisal

T1: We are all required to be research aware/informed practitioners, but should we all be researchers?

T2: “Early career researcher” is often associated with attaining a doctorate (see chart by Geoff Currie) – is this a good description for MRS researchers?

T3: Do you need an affiliation with a university to be an ECR or primarily a clinical role?

T4: For those more established in research – what would be your one piece of advice to aspirational researchers?

Couldn’t make it? July’s transcript is here.


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