June 20th: MRS professionals and public health

What role should we play in public health promotion? One area where MRS professionals are often involved is smoking cessation, especially for radiation therapists. Our paper this month looks at this topic, but our chat will open up a wider discussion about the other areas of public health where all of us can make a difference.

Ganesh V,  Zaki P, Chan S, Turner A, Bristow B, Di Prospero L, Gibson L, DeAngelis C, Chow E. Adverse Health Outcomes Associated with Postdiagnosis Smoking in Prostate Cancer Patients: A Literature Review. JMIRS. 48 (1) p 103–110

Check out this month’s blog by Linda Hindle, Lead Allied Health Professional, Public Health England.

Chat themes:

  1. Are radiographers reluctant to engage with health prevention/public health issues? If so, why?
  2. Do you feel comfortable addressing health prevention/promotion (e.g. smoking, alcohol use, exercise) in your role?
  3. For smoking  cessation-  what is your experience? Are patients open to hearing about quitting options etc?
  4. Do radiographers have a role in preventative/public health/prevention?

Recommended readings:

UK Public Health and Radiography special interest group

Make Every Contact Count (UK initiative)

The delivery of health improvement information during radiotherapy treatment: A survey of UK therapy radiographers

Healthy Conversations and the Allied Health Professionals

A strategy to develop the capacity, impact and profie of allied health professionals in public health 2015-2018 (Public Health England)

Times: Vancouver 1pm (20th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (21st)/Wellington 8am

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