May 24th: 12 hour super chat!


May 24th was a 12 hour chat  on the perception of medical radiation dose by the public (and non-medical radiation professionals). Our May paper is Singh et al. A snapshot of patients’ awareness of radiation dose and risks associated with medical imaging examinations at an Australian radiology clinic. Radiography, 2017. 23(2) 94-102

Recommended reading:

Ukkola et al. Patient information regarding medical radiation exposure is inadequate: Patients’ experience in a university hospital. Radiography in press.

Coppolino et al. Quantifying Worry in the Face of Uncertainty: Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging. JMIRS in press.

Image Wisely

Start time: 3am Vancouver, 6am Toronto, 10am GMT, 8pm Sydney, 10pm Wellington

Last hour (moderated chat): 2pm Vancouver, 5pm Toronto, 9pm GMT, 7am Sydney, 9am Wellington


  1. This study concluded that most patients wanted to be informed about the risks from radiation exposure, under the guidance of the referring doctor, in a shared decision making environment. Do referrers, specifically GPs, have the (a) time or (b) the knowledge to provided this?
  2. What role should Medical Radiation Professionals have in providing information about the risk from radiation exposure for these procedures?
  3. Are Medical Radiation Professionals equipped with the information / tools necessary to provide this information?

Extended discussion points:

  1. Is the theory (LNT) behind the risk from radiation exposure contemporary? Are low radiation dose examinations safer than we have traditionally thought?
  2. Are some of the gaps in knowledge of patients in this area partially attributed to our profession’s poor visibility in the healthcare landscape?

Missed the chat? Never fear, the Storify is here.



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