March 21st: Workplace bullying and harrassment

Nyhsen, C.M. et al. Bullying and harassment – Are junior doctors always the victims?Radiography , Volume 22 , Issue 4 , e264 – e268

Times: Vancouver 1pm (21st)/Toronto 4pm/UK 8pm/Sydney 7am (22nd)/Wellington 9am AND Vancouver 2pm (21st)/Toronto 5pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 8am (22nd)/Wellington 10am  ***2 hour “daylight saving time” special***

While you’re here – read our March blog on this subject by Sue Morgan, author of the Guardian article below.

Chat themes:

  1. How widespread do you think bullying is in healthcare?
  2. Do anti-bullying policies in your workplace have any effect?
  3. How can we promote mutual respect at work?

Recommended readings

Tran, M and Johnson, Jordan. Bullying Among Radiation Therapists: Effects on Job Performance and Work Environment. 2016. Radiologic Technology. 88(2)

Morgan, S. Radiography students in hospitals tell stories that make me want to weep. Guardian, 27. 07.16

Parikh J Harolds J and Bluth E. Workplace Bullying in Radiology and Radiation Oncology. 2017. Journal of the American College of Radiology. In press.

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