November 16th: Patient experience

Paper (from JMIRS upcoming Patient Experience Special Edition): Bolderston, A. Patient Experience in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy. JMIRS. In press. 2016.

Times: Vancouver 1pm (16th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Brisbane 6am (17th)/Sydney 8am/Wellington 10am (17th)

November’s blog: Dr. Rachel Harris “Experiencing being a patient

Research alert! Jill Bleiker (article author) was sampling the tweets from this month’s chat to inform her PhD research on this topic. More details here.

Chat themes

T1. Do you agree that “the image, not the patient, is..the MRT’s (radiographer’s) focus?” (P. 3)

T2: What research gaps exist in this area, how might we fill them?

T3:As a profession, what are ways that we can build our identity in the eyes of our patients?

Suggested reading:

Bleiker, J., Knapp, K., Hopkins, S., & Johnston, G. (2016). Compassionate care in radiography recruitment, education and training: A post-Francis Report review of the current literature and patient perspectives. Radiography 10–15.

Campling, P. (2015). Reforming the culture of healthcare: the case for intelligent kindness. BJPsych Bulletin 39, 1–5.

Reeves, P. J., & Decker, S. (2012). Diagnostic radiography: a study in distancing. Radiography 18, 78–83


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