October 11th: Advanced Practice

After September’s International Radiographer Advanced Practice (LTWRAP) Conference at Sheffield Hallam, October’s paper focused on domains of consultant practice, specifically research. Is it essential to advanced/consultant practice, what happens when it’s not supported by the organisation or advanced practitioners disagree about the role of research in their practice?

Harris, R and Paterson, A. Exploring the research domain of consultant practice: Perceptions and opinions of consultant radiographers. Radiography. 2016; 22(1): 12-20.

Suggested reading:

Dip into this article collection on advanced practice prepared for LTWRAP by Elsevier, or this blog by Maryann Hardy.If you missed LTWRAP you can catch up with the tweets via Storify or the SHU write up.

Chat themes:

T1 – Do you recognise the barriers and enablers to radiographer research identified by Harris & Paterson?

T2 – Should research be a core domain of advanced/consultant practice roles?

T3 – How do you embed research into your everyday practice?

October’s blog: Dr. Bev Snaith shares her thoughts on  LTWRAP.


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