September 8th: Time management


Just in time for the start of the school year, conference season and the run up to Christmas – MedRadJClub presents a chat on time management! This month we’re trying something different and using a few non-MRS journal sources for an informative chat on how to get the most from the limited time we have to work, spend time with family, play, do research, write and all the other things we cram into 24 hours a day. Tell us your time management tips and learn from others who seem to have it all figured out!

Some resources (let us know if you have more!):

  1. Kressin, N et al. Career and Time Management Strategies for Clinical and Health Service Researchers  J Gen Intern Med.2007 Oct; 22(10): 1475–1478
  2. Adam Fraser. The Third Space: Three simple steps to not take a bad day home
    (TEDx QUT presentation)
  3. Jackson, V. Time management – A Realistic Approach J Am Coll Radiol 2009;6:434-436
  4. Claire Cohen Women! The work-life balance myth is dead Telegraph. 06 Nov 2014
  5. Janice St. John-Matthews. Being Present (Have a “Happenista” 2016)  27 Dec 2015

Times: Vancouver 1pm (8th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (9th)/Wellington 8am (9th)

Make sure you make time to read this month’s blog by Radiopaedia superstar Frank Gaillard here!

Chat themes:

T1. We are probably all guilty of thinking we are time poor. Are we? What external factors contribute to this?
T2. What strategies do you have in place to improve your use of time? Do they work? Are they sustainable?
T3. Which time of day do you feel most productive?
T4. How do you separate work life and personal life? Do you relate to the concept of the 3rd space (Adam Fraser video)

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