August 17th: Moving evidence forward

Our August paper by Laura Grose looks at a novel way of moving evidence into front line practice using a point-of-care (P.O.C) tool for clinicians. See also Laura’s blog to accompany the article on MedRadBlogs.

Grose, L. Moving Evidence Forward: Addressing the Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice in Radiotherapy. JMIRS. In press (2016)

Suggested reading:

Velec, M. Our Research Output is Up, but is the Quality? JMIRS. In press (2016)

Snaith, B. Evidence based radiography: Is it happening or are we experiencing practice creep and practice drift? Radiography. In press (2016)

Bolderston, A. Rethinking Evidence. DoctoralBrainDump blog (2016)

Times: Vancouver 1pm (17th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (18th)/Wellington 8am (18th)

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