July 19th: Scope of Practice

Sale C, Halkett G and Cox, J. A national survey on the practice of radiation therapists in Australia. JMIRS. 63(2), 104-114. 2016.

The July discussion focused on scope of practice – our chosen paper concludes “the profession needs to consider how they will maintain core RT practice, while encouraging the development of new roles, and whether some roles need to be relinquished”.  While this survey was RT specific, the same could be said for all of our disciplines. Come and tell us what you think!

Chat Themes/Topics

T1 The survey defines core and non-core RT roles, is this helpful and what would be examples in your practice?

T2 Most advanced practice (AP) roles in the survey seemed to be “unsupported” and local, is this true for your practice?

T3 What implications does a national framework have (for education, regulation etc.)?

T4 Practitioners were keen to release some of the tasks which did not require expert RT/radiography knowledge. Do you see a role for assistant practitioners in your department?

Suggested Reading

College of Radiographers Scope of Practice 2013

Royal College of Radiologists Clinical Radiology UK Workforce Census Report 2012

Department of Health Radiography skills mix: a report on the four-tier service delivery model

Link to the transcript and word cloud from July’s chat is here

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