June 27th: Respiratory gating

Jurkovic et al. Assessment of Lung Tumour Motion and Volume Size Dependencies Using Various Evaluation Measures. Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 47(1) 30-42. 2016

Journal clubs vary in format from focused discussion on 1-2 articles, critique focused through to using an article as a starting point to stimulate discussion beyond the bounds of the paper itself. This months MedRadJClub discussion is the latter. The article chosen is not meant to be a focused discussion on that paper. The paper is a starting point to launch thought and discussion deep into our clinical practices. Motion, both physical and physiological, pose dilemmas in nuclear medicine, radiography, MRI, ultrasound and radiation therapy. Indeed, it is a key barrier in image guided therapy. While the paper itself is radiation therapy focused with a slant toward physics, the philosophical underpinnings is what is more important to us. So have a quick read and as you do consider the challenges that you face. Let’s focus our discussion on respiratory gating in the clinical context.

Theme 1: how does respiratory motion impact on outcomes (diagnostic / therapeutic)

Theme 2: how do you manage respiratory motion in your work place

Theme 3: what strategies do you adopt for respiratory gating, what are the pros and cons

Times: Vancouver 1pm (27th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Sydney 6am (28th)/Wellington 8am (28th).

Suggested readings:

Pepin et al. Management of respiratory motion in PET/computed tomography: the state of the art Nucl Med Commun. 35(2): 113–122. 2014

Graham et al. Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography—evaluation of image quality in breath-hold and non-breath-hold technique. Radiography. 10(3). 195-199. 2004

 Storify of the chat is here!

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