May 19th +: Compassionate Care

May’s paper is an in-press article from Radiography: Compassionate care in radiography recruitment, education and training: A post-Francis Report review of the current literature and patient perspectives by J Bleiker, K M Knapp, S Hopkins and G Johnston.

We are trying something different for this month’s #MedRadJclub to try and make the chats accessible to participants across the globe. This month’s chat will be held over a 15 hour window, with the chat themes posted at regular intervals via @MedRadJclub.

While you wait – why not check out this month’s blog by Sarah Lewis  “Compassionate Care – I am more than the sum of my body parts“.

Start times: Vancouver 9pm (18th)/Toronto Midnight/UK 5am (19th)/Brisbane 2pm (19th)/Wellington 4pm (19th)

An hour live chat will still occur at the end, for all you diehard fans

Vancouver 1pm (19th)/Toronto 4pm/UK 9pm/Brisbane 6am (20th)/Wellington 8am (20th).


  • T1 – What does compassionate care mean to you?
  • T2 – What facilitators/barriers to compassionate care do you encounter?
  • T3 – What matters to you personally when you think about your role as a health care professional?

Suggested readings:

Reforming the culture of healthcare:the case for intelligent kindness by P Campling.  BJPsych Bulletin (2015), 39, 1-5

What is good healthcare? Health Experiences Research Group, University of Oxford, 2014

Conway, Lewis & Robinson Final-year diagnostic radiography student’s perception of role models within the profession J Allied Health 2008;37:214-220

Research alert! Jill Bleiker (article author) will be sampling the tweets from this month’s chat to inform her PhD research on this topic. More details here.

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