March 22nd: Transition to practice


MedRadJournalClub is one year old! The March chat featured virtual birthday cake for all participants!

Our birthday paper was Exploring the transition from student to practitioner in diagnostic radiographyNaylor S, Ferris C , Burton M – a Radiography article in press. This phenomenological study by the Sheffield Hallam authors examines the experiences of newly qualified radiographers. The chat will be moderated by Dr. Sarah Naylor, one of the paper’s authors.

This month’s accompanying blog “The Student” becomes “The Therapist” explores strategies to support students and new grads by Carina Feuz.

This month’s chat themes.

  1.  The method used was interpretative phenomenological analysis – what are the advantages of using this type of research for this type of question?
  2.  What is the culture like in your departments for students?
  3.  How can students gain experience in areas that are rare or difficult to access?
  4.  How can we help new staff undergo a smooth transition in to practice?

Suggested reading:

A Literature Review of Preceptorship: A Model for the Medical Radiation Sciences? Tan K, Feuz C, Bolderston A and Palmer C. JMIRS. 42(1). 2011. 15 – 20

Transcript of the chat with wordcloud can be found here – thanks @WeGizmos

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