February 22nd: Academic Output

As healthcare professionals, radiographers must ensure that their practice is evidence based. But how is this achieved? Radiography research is vital to ensuring that, as professionals, we provide the best possible care to patients. February’s article, A Review of Individual and Institutional Publication Productivity in Medical Radiation Science by Ekpo, Hogg & McEntee, examined the academic output of radiographers. If radiography is to grow as a profession, radiographers must not only appraise and integrate research into practice, they must generate their own high quality research to inform practice.

Chat themes are below, and make sure you check out the accompanying blog by one of the authors, Peter Hogg.

1. What is the value in measuring research productivity
2. What do we mean by a unique MRS evidence base?
3. What does the data from this study tell us in terms of what/where – why do you think this is?
4. How can we use the lessons learned from this to increase our productivity?

Suggested Reading

McKellar & Currie Publication Productivity in the Medical Radiation Sciences JMIRS 2015;46:S52

Snaith An evaluation of author productivity in international radiography journals 2004–2011 JMRS 2013;60:93

Transcript and word cloud of the chat can be found here.

academic output wordcloud

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