January 14th: Emotional intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EI) is how we identify, understand, use and manage our emotions. For radiographers, EI is important for patient care and patient satisfaction, it is also a predictor of improved work performance. January’s article examines EI in a group of international radiography students and compares them to qualified staff as well as general population norms:

Mackay S J, White P, McNulty J P, Lane S and Lewis S J.   A benchmarking and comparative analysis of emotional intelligence in student and qualified radiographers: an international study. JMRS 62 (4), 246-252. 2015.

T1: What do we understand by EI? How does it manifest?

T2: Why EI such an important trait in healthcare professionals?

T3: How can EI be developed on an individual level, programme, educational institutional level?

January’s chat was moderated by one of the article authors, Johnathan McNulty.

Don’t forget to visit January’s blog by the paper’s first author Stuart Mackay.

Suggested additional reading:

Mackay S J, Baker R, Collier D, and Lewis S . A comparative analysis of emotional intelligence in the UK and Australian radiographer workforce. Radiography. 19(2). 151-155. 2013

Mintz L & Stoller J A Systematic Review of Physician Leadership and Emotional Intelligence J Grad Med Educ 2014;6:21-31

Carmichael A, Bridge P & Harriman A Emotional intelligence development in radiation therapy students: a longitudinal study J Radiotherapy Practice 2015 [IN PRESS]

Grönroos E & Pajukari A Job Satisfaction of the radiological departments’ staff Eur J Radiography 2010;1:133-8

Grant A. (2014) The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence The Atlantic

Transcript and analytics are now available via the one and only Adam.

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