December 16th: Christmas Special!

Christmas arrived early at MedRadJClub!

The results are in! Thirty-seven of our Twitter followers and chat participants have voted, and the winner is…

Gajendragadkar Parag R, Moualed Daniel J, Nicolson Phillip L R, Adjei Felicia D, Cakebread Holly E, Duehmke Rudolf M et al. The survival time of chocolates on hospital wards: covert observational study

Let’s get into the Christmas (research) spirit!

Times: Vancouver 12pm, Toronto 3pm, UK 8pm, Johannesburg 10pm, Sydney 7am (17th), Auckland 9am (17th)

T1 = What do you think of the approach/methodology? Would there be other ways to investigate the phenomena?

T2 = Would survival rates differ in radiology/radiotherapy departments?

T3 = Can you apply these findings to your practice?

T4 = Does eating chocolate improve quality, effectiveness or productivity of radiographers?

Make sure you also check out December’s festive blog by Bev Snaith, Lead Consultant Radiographer at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals, UK.

Transcript and analytics from the chat are available here (H/T @WeGizmos)




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