October 22nd: Radiographer decision making

October’s article is: Breast compression – An exploration of problem solving and decision-making in mammography by J M  Nightingale, F J  Murphy, L  Robinson, A  Newton-Hughes and P Hogg (Radiography, 21 (4) p. 364-369, November 2015). This qualitative paper examines how radiographers decide the level of compression to use when conducting mammography. The author’s present a seven stage decision making process which they suggest could be transferable to other image-producing scenarios. Chat was moderated by Adam Westerink and the Storify is here! 

WeGizmos analytics and word cloud is available here.

Also read the accompanying blog by Dr. Ruth Strudwick.

Themes were: T1 = Do you agree with the suggestion that when under time pressure radiographers may prioritise ‘product’ over ‘process. T2 = Do you think this seven stage model of problem solving / decision making could be applied to other areas of radiography practice. T3 = Is radiography an ‘art’ or a ‘science’?

Suggested readings:

Collaboration between radiological technologists (radiographers) and junior doctors during image interpretation improves the accuracy of diagnostic decisions. B S Kelly. L A Rainford, J Gray, M F McEntee. Radiography. 18 (2). p. 90 – 95.  2012.

The concept of caring: Perceptions of radiation therapists. A Bolderston, D Lewis, M Chai.  Radiography. 16 (3). p. 198 – 208.  2010.

The Art/Science Continuum. G M Currie. JMIRS. 45(4) 352-353. 2014.

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