August 27th: Radiographer Resilience

half year

In August (our sixth chat!) we examined two common experiences for oncology clinicians, occupational stress and burnout. What are the stressors and what are some effective coping skills used by radiation therapists and oncology nurses? Moderated by the one and only Nick Woznitza.

Check out the WeGizmos summary!

Article: Poulsen et al. A cross-sectional study of stressors and coping mechanisms used by radiation therapists and oncology nurses: Resilience in Cancer Care Study JMRS, 2014.


  • T1: What are commonly experienced stressors for health care professionals? Are there common themes between professions?
  • T2: How are our workplace/personal stressors impacting on our patients? How can we overcome this?
  • T3: What are some effective coping strategies that we can use at work and home?

Suggested Reading:

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