July 24th (NZ): SoMe and CPD

July’s chat supported the joint New Zealand Institute of Medical Radiation Technology (NZIMRT) and the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR)  2015 Scientific Meeting “The Cloud” held from July 24th to 26th in Wellington, NZ. banner_cloud_logoThe subject was social media (SoMe) and continuous professional development (CPD) and reading “Social media: The next frontier for professional development in radiography” by Lawson and Cowling (Radiography, 2015).


T1. How are some of the ways radiographers are using social media for CPD now and what are the advantages?
T2. Lawson and Cowling suggest “global access” is one of the unique benefits of social media for CPD. How might this work/be formally recognized?
T3. How can we overcome the typical “risk aversion” mentioned in the article to encourage colleagues to use social media for CPD?


Link to the analytics and transcript can be found here

Suggested Reading:



Hashtags Adam Westerink:

  • #FOAMed: This is an absolute revolution. FOAMed, or Free Open Access Meducation provides links to educational material that are available for free to everyone. There are around 1000 tweets per day to this hashtag. Look out for the Radiology focused spin off of #FOAMed, #FOAMed.
  • #hcsm: Pretty self explanatory, this is the go to hashtag for healthcare social media. This hashtag has contributions from a wider scope of professions.

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