June 25th: Patient experience

On June 25th  we looked at two similar JMIRS articles: The Effectiveness of Nonpharmacologic Interventions to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Patient Satisfaction and Comfort during Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Patient Anxiety and Satisfaction in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Department: Initial Results from an Action Research Study. The lead author for both papers is Zachary Munn @munzr001 and the session was moderated by Geoff Currie @CSUnucmed and Jonathan Hewis @johnhewis. Both articles have very similar themes, although different imaging modalities are used, and the reduction of patient anxiety is important across all MRS disciplines.


T1: How do we recognise and differentiate anxiety, fear and claustrophobia in our patients (imaging and therapy)? Are there reliable early warning signs that can drive proactive strategies or are we reliant on reactive strategies?

T2: What strategies are employed by the Twitter group? Sedation, anxiolytics, patient education, medication, CAM (e.g. hypnosis, visualisation) for example. Is there a role for family, carers and loved ones?

Check out June’s blog on this theme by Fred Murphy.

Storify and analytics here!

Suggested Reading Quantitative:


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